High-Efficiency Machine Dos and Don’ts

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High-efficiency washing machines are one of the products that our washer repair pros encounter during their normal course of business. And we have to say; oftentimes the problems that they’ve run across on HE washer repair calls could have been avoided. So to help our 

Frederick, MD and surroundings customers out, we wanted to take a second to go over a few general do’s and don’ts:

Do make it a point to only use laundry products that are recommended by the washing machine’s manufacturer. Otherwise, you could inadvertently break the machine, void the warranty and end up with a pile of dirty clothes on your hands. Most manufacturers will list which products are safe to use with their machines in print or online owners’ manuals.

Don’t be fooled by misleading labels. Marketers know that HE washing machines are growing in popularity. Thus, many unscrupulous companies have added words like “HE compatible” to their products’ packaging. Just because the label has those words on it, doesn’t make the statement true. After all, not all HE washers are created equal. So broad terms, like “HE compatible”, are simply not going to cut it.

Do make it a point to utilize your HE washer’s maintenance cycle. It is there to help remove build-up that may occur as a result of using the machine improperly or washing exceptionally soiled clothes. If your machine does not have a maintenance cycle feature, don’t worry. Frequently, the same results may be obtained by leaving the washer empty and running it through its paces. Plus, our washer repair team can always routinely service the machine for you too. Our routine, washer maintenance calls often include cleaning the machine’s interior as needed.

Lastly, don’t use the dispenser compartments incorrectly. For example, make sure that fabric softeners are only poured into the fabric softener dispenser and that you don’t overfill the well. Otherwise, you could be calling our washing repair team a lot sooner than expected.

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